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Jesus Is Here With Us… Physically I Mean. No Really, He Is.

They asked their kids why they didn’t believe the Catholic faith and the answer was stark and simple: “If it really is the body and blood of Christ and he is really present–why don’t Catholics–priests included (or should I say priests especially) behave as if it is so?”

—from the blog post Help My Kids Still Aren’t Catholic!! by Fr. Dwight Longenecker whose blog is called Standing On My Head



I wouldn’t walk into the church. I would crawl into that church.

—Msgr. Don Sawyer on The Inner Life with Chuck Neff (May 31, 2013) on Relevant Radio – quoting from a discussion he had with someone about the Real Presence (Hear the full account in the 45 second audio clip below)



A great way to reinvigorate our belief and to encourage devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is by reading accounts of Eucharistic miracles that have occurred throughout the ages of the Church, from the earliest years to modern times.

—from the blog post Pope Francis’ Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina

Eucharistic Miracle 1
Eucharistic Miracle 2

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