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What To Do. What To Do.

And where is He? In many places, and in may ways—in human hearts, and in the poor, and in the good social causes that fight for the good in a world full of evil, and in the living word of scripture. But above all, in the Eucharist.

Why “above all” there? Because there alone He is fully, literally, totally, and perfectly present and therefore should be adored…

Adoring God is the first and greatest commandment  And Christ is God. Therefore adoring Christ is the first and greatest commandment, our Commander’s first command for spiritual battle. And He is fully present to be adored only in the Eucharist.

Adoration means especially Eucharistic adoration. In that silence there is a power greater than a thousand nuclear bombs, greater than the sun, greater than the Big Bang. It is the power of God, released when the atom of the Trinity was split on the Cross and the explosion of redeeming blood came out.

—from Jesus Shock by Peter Kreeft, Part Five: What Do We Do Now?

Jesus Shock

Also check out the book  HERE.



If I had to name only one preparation for the work of apologetics, it would be this: full, conscious, and active participation in the Holy Mass. Go as often as you can.

—from Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith by Scott Hahn, Ch. 15: The Catholic Lifetime Readings Plan

Reasons to Believe


One comment on “What To Do. What To Do.

  1. cool post! very good to reflect on

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