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The One Thing Necessary

I had learned some things about God and Jesus, about heaven, and about good and evil in church and Sunday school. Like most children at that age, I was a bit confused and overwhelmed by it all, especially by what this great being called God expected of me. I felt a little insecure, I guess, about not knowing and a little guilty about not doing everything that I was supposed to be doing. Then all of a sudden the sun shone through the fog. I saw the one thing necessary that made sense and order out of everything else.

I checked out my insight with my father, my most reliable authority. He was an elder in the church and (much more important) a good and wise man. “Dad, everything they teach us in church and Sunday school, all the stuff we’re supposed to learn from the Bible — it all comes down to only one thing, doesn’t it? I mean, if we only remember the one most important thing all the time, then all the other things will be O.K., right?”

He was rightly skeptical. “What one thing? There are a lot of things that are important.”

“I mean, I should just always ask what God wants me to do and then do it. That’s all, isn’t it?”

Wise men know when they’ve lost an argument. “You know, I think you’re right, son. That’s it.”

—from the online article The Three Most Profound Ideas I Have Ever Had by Dr. Peter Kreeft at The Integrated Catholic Life


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