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Of Macaroni and Mud

Devotion, according to Webster’s is “love given with the whole heart and will.” When I was twelve, I took a babysitting class, and one of the teachers told us something I will never forget. She said that if a child ever offered us a gift, any gift, even if it was a macaroni necklace or a mud duck, we should always accept it as a treasure. To reject it for any reason would be a crushing experience for the child… To reject a gift from a child would be most unloving, and the child would interpret it as a rejection of him- or herself.

I think of this in relation to my devotion to my heavenly Father. We come to God with our spiritual mud ducks, with our rosaries and prayers like necklaces made from macaroni, with the pilgrimages we make and the candles we light, and, like the eternal Father that he is, God delights in them. He accepts them with the same level of devotion with which they were offered. A father never rejects the gift of his child offered in love.

Do I believe my mud-duck devotions change anything in heaven? I don’t know, but I believe that my Father accepts them with delight. This changes me. And that is miracle enough.

—from May Crowning, Mass, and Merton And Other Reasons I Love Being Catholic by Liz Kelly, #8 – The Scala Santa and Devotion

May Crowning


One comment on “Of Macaroni and Mud

  1. Not only does this give me food for thought on how God delights in my trivial offerings given with love to Him, it also make me strive to accept as treasures the many gifts my kiddos give me.

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