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So That You and I Could Benefit Eternally

What Do You Expect?

As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace. —1 Peter 4:10

Our modern world has convinced many of us that if we have a talent or a particular gift then we should only share or use it if we can profit by it. The popular way of thinking is that when you invest in something you need to have a return on your investment. It is very difficult for us to give of ourselves or use our talents and gifts and NOT look for some sort of return or profit that we can see.

There are many things that can weaken you and me on the battlefield but one of the most destructive is buying the lie that the gifts and talents that we have are our own, and should be used only if we can see the gain or profit for ourselves.

Remember the cross. See the gift that Christ made of Himself for you and me. He gave every breath in His lungs and every drop of blood in His veins. He didn’t sacrifice His life because it was a safe investment or because He would receive some personal gain. He gave all of Himself so that you and I could benefit eternally from His gift.

—from a Battle Ready daily email by Doug Barry. Sign up for the daily email HERE.



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