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WWSD: What Would the Saints Do?

Saints surely do exemplify what the Catholic Church is and what she stands for. They are the best and the most authentic advertisements we have. What I’d like to add is that the details of their lives are a rich source of spiritual direction –not simply in their concrete responses to concrete situations but especially in our acquiring their minds, their ways of seeing things, their evaluations of reality. One of the most important results of reading the lives of the saints is that one thereby slowly acquires their outlooks and attitudes. Once we possess a lively and habitual sense of the way in which they viewed reality –people, problems, priorities, trials, and most of all God himself –we automatically attain a mindset that enables us to see how we ought to act in our own circumstances. Would saints watch this television program or engage in this conversation or dine in this restaurant or buy these clothes? Would they eat as much as I do or be as fussy regarding the exact preparations, dressing, and condiments? Would they choose my recreations and friends? How would they deal with this annoying companion or troublesome relative?

—from Seeking Spiritual Direction by Fr. Thomas Dubay, p. 151


One comment on “WWSD: What Would the Saints Do?

  1. “Would saints…..?” I’ve never thought of thinking that before. Great idea.

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